New Mexico

New Mexico

You might think why is New Mexico mentioned when I am looking to move to El Paso? Well New Mexico is actually very close to El Paso. Even closer than you imagine. Many people that live in new Mexico commute to El Paso to work and visit because how close and convenient it is.

One of New Mexico cities close to El Paso is Sunland Park. Sunland Park has several attractions to include their Casino which also has a race track and 2 restaurants.

In Sunland Park New Mexico you are  able to live a magical experience by hiking 4,675 feet of elevation to get to a 29ft statue of Christ. The estimated time of this hike is of 2.5 hours and in your hike you are able to have a great view of Sunland park and some of central El Paso. You will also find several crosses in your way up and resting areas.

Some of the schools you are able to find in New Mexico served by the Gadsden Independent School District are Santa Teresa High School, Santa Teresa Middle School, Desert View Elementary School, Riverside Elementary School, Sunland Park, Elementary School.