Upper Valley

Upper Valley, El Paso

The Upper Valley of El Paso has some of the most beautiful residences, nicest restaurants and great places to hang out.

Some of the restaurants you are able to find in this area include the kitchen at 150 Sunset, Ripe Eatery and Ardovino’s Pizza.  Right across from 150 Sunset you are able to find one of our newest plazas with some of the newest restaurants, fitness centers and shopping.

The El Paso Country Club is also located in the Upper Valley where you can enjoy a nice afternoon in the pool, play golf, tennis or enjoy fine dinning.

The Upper Valley of El Paso is also very well known for the Upper Valley artist and farmers market which opens on Sundays from 9am to 1pm (seasonal hours) located on Mesa plaza at 7930 N. Mesa, El Paso TX 79922. Their purpose is to support local businesses by connecting community and agricultural producers. At the farmers market you will be able to enjoy organic and pesticide-free produce, lamb, beef, pork, and goat, fresh-baked breads and salsas. You will also be able to enjoy fresh-squeezed juices, a cup of coffee and delicious house-made pastries.

Their main goal is for you to enjoy a great morning in a family friendly setting and indulge in free activities for the whole family while enjoying the delicious food.